Give a moment to yourself to experience Vanilla’s stores where you will be welcomed with courtesy and professionalism in a new, refined , and at the same time , friendly environment.
in Vanilla stores you will find the right combination of clothes and accessories to create a unique in vogue style in perfect harmony with your personality.

Vanilla Shop Adamas (in front of the pharmacy)
Men and Womens’ store.
Perfect selection of exceptional and refined easy ware, both for men and women, airy natural fabrics, beautiful combination of colors and a big variety of accessories for all occasions.

Vanilla Gold Pollonia
Womens’ store.
Amazing concept store, minimal and contemporary garments made only by innovative Greek designers, perfect selection of the latest collections dedicated to women who want to feel unique and fashionable.

Two impressive concept stores with stylish spaces, where Italian finesse meets Greek avant-garde. Their Italian founder, Paola Verrechia, a permanet resident of Milos since 2005, has created a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere where you are always greeted with courtesy and professionalism.

Vannila Shop Adamas offers refined clothing made of airy fabrics, for both men and women. The tasteful sandals featuring geometric motifs have been design by architects. They are perfectly complementing the store’s clothing line. Eyes are drawn to the variety of swimwear and unique accessories.

The extraordinary Vanilla Gold Pollonia ladies’ store emphasizes minimal, modern attire, made exclusively by cutting-edge Greek designers. They are sure to win you over with their handmade limited-edition accessories, beach towels with eucalyptus fibers, and many more stunning items!

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